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₪ 30,000,000

הרצליה, תל אביב ב למכירה וילה יוקרתית 9

900 m² 8

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In the sought-after Nof Yam neighborhood, a luxury villa designed to the last detail.

An exceptional community area in its features which creates a platform for business networking, to a giving cruiser, a women’s group and a neighborhood watch, an amazing place to live with a volunteer community and a wonderful neighborhood spirit for all stages of life.

The vila is design with clean monochromatic colors , surrounded by greenery and mature trees such as mango, lychee, and olive trees that welcome homeowners at the entrance and add a touch of green that balances perfectly with the distinct modernization of the house.

Green outdoor paradise with a huge swimming pool and outdoor shower for a perfect hospitality experience.

The villa is spread over 4.5 levels paved with Tibetan marble, 8 bedrooms with parquet flooring, of which 7 are invested suites and 2 kitchens on separate levels.
Great emphasis is placed on technology and convenience with the help of various means such as:
Merger with VRF technology
Underfloor heating
Custom carpentry
Basement with a spacious English balcony that allows lots of air and light
Large master master with balcony and jacuzzi
8 toilets all over the house
Smart electricity and a spacious elevator for maximum efficiency.



חדרי שינה
מידה חיצונית
820 m²
מידה פנימית
900 m²

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